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Monday, November 5, 2012

October Commissions & Thanksgaming

I know October is gone now, but these were started in (and in some case designed to be finished in October).

The First Mini is a converted monk for my buddy Everett. His cavian Janissary in my NeoExodus home game is rather messed up (then again which cavian is not???). I replaced the head on the fellow with a skaven head. The result is pretty good. However, the hands on the model are... confusing.

The Second is a cynean I'm preparing for a Xmas present. The third, the "bride of Frankenstein" is for my Pathfinder Society Viviana Alterborg. Finally, a dwarf that will also be a Christmas gift for a friend with whom I play Arcanis!

A quick return on Thanksgaming and the miniatures I painted they were received and helped to gather a total in excess of 800$! Thanks to all who donated and gave some of their time. A big thanks to Total Escape Games and to Justin and his crew. That means 25+ families will receive a big basket of food for Christmas! Thanks to all who participated in making this such a successful event!

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