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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Drawing Maps for NeoExodus

A quick post about maps I drew. If you didn't know I am writing an adventure for the backers of the Dreamscarred Press Kickstarter (here is a link). the adventure - unsurprisingly - uses psionics - and cavians! If you didn't know, Cavians are a race of psionic rat-men in NeoExodus. They are genuinely creepy!

The maps were hand-drawn and then tweaked with Paint Shop Pro. I used a technique I found on a number of websites and that I recently saw on my buddy Mike Azzolino's twitter feed (Mr. San-Fran VC). That is to use alternating lines to show areas where the walls were. I think it looks good.

I posted three in-progress pictures of the map. Nope I won't post the final version just yet. I might decide to change it all... But I think it fits my needs fairly well.

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