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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pathfinder Society at Genghis, Part 3: The GM scores

For more info on Genghis Con, read Part 1, Part 2

Something that I find interesting every con is to look at the evolution of GMs, and I'll admit, check out my own numbers and see how the players enjoyed the game. Although, I do have a few issues with the DGA's rating sheet, I haven't come up with a good alternative.

For those who don't know the scoring, it scores Preparation (0-2), Positive Energy (0-2), Fairness (0-1), Focus (0-2, split between GM focus and player focus) and fun (0-3). Comments are also encouraged with the goal of improving the GM. I always read them carefully to get some insight into players' minds. I like to think that I improved as a GM with the help of those comments.

While some consider scores of 9s and 10s to be "easy to get", I strongly disagree. Those top two scores are given to GMs who really pushed the envelope and put up a great and exciting game. Getting a table of "Perfect Tens" is an achievements in itself, something worthy of praise.

Looking at the recorded info I have, I KNOW that some of the tables were not compiled (I am missing one myself, that's how I know.) But out of 25 recorded PFS GMs, only *ONE* did not reach a 9+ average.

Looking at the list below, we can see a number of names return to the top of the leader board, namely Jeff "Mr Perfect" Kokx, and my new Venture-Lieutenant: Bryan Critchfield. This is an accomplishment and something to be proud of. I don't want to identify everyone who had went up or down by a few points (Scott, you're slacking, you had 9.633 and now you are in a free fall)!

Thanks guys for the great efforts you did and for coming out stronger than before. Pat yourself on the back and know that you now need to keep up the bar you raised yourself.

GM NameAverage
Burke, Josh
Kokx, Jeff
Clark, Sean
Critchfield, Bryan
Hardy, Bruce
Sturkie, Jessica
Sturkie, Sam
Wiseman, Orion
Reynolds, Jason9.833
Lutz, Michelle9.800
Johnson, Derek9.750
Spears, JC9.639
Nelson, D'Anne9.622
Peters, Jeff9.617
Crosson, Scott
Woods, Bill
Latta, Troy
Seifert, Andrew
Wong, Daniel9.333
Willey, Nic9.223
Morrow, Everett9.156
Garrett, Clarence9.133
Williams, Kerney9.125
Picone, Joe9.089


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  1. Wow read all 3 parts and sounds like a success to me! I hope to make it next year for sure, might even try to smuggle some Shadowrun in ;)