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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pathfinder Society At Genghis, Part 2: The Interactive

Part 1

The interactive dealt with the PCs having to open up a dig in Osirion. But as they did so, they had to perform a number of tasks, and "typical" Pathfinder tasks for VC Norden Balentiir. The finale had the pcs explore a region around the lair of a long-dead red dragon.

From an organizer's perspective, the interactive suffered from three major issues:

1- I was not able to pre-muster players until they were in front of me.

To resolve, I would create a sign-up where players have to pre-reg for a specific tier. This would allow me to have my GMs ready for specific levels with less need for GM re-alignment between parts. Also, limiting the tiers would've helped a LOT with that issue.

2- The room we were supposed to have was changed on me. For the mingling, I was supposed to have a closed room, instead I had to put players in a common area in the entryway to the restaurant (and in fairness, I approved the switch but I did not think it would be as much of a problem as it proved to be, this one rests solely on me).

To resolve, When writing, plan for a possible venue change. Account for it and be ready to change things on the fly.

3- Two of my GMs dropped out at the last minute, so I had to recruit unprepared GMs at the last minute. This led to having to on-the-spot prep.

To resolve, well having organized enough cons, I don't really know what I could do to change or address this. Still, my replacement GMs did a great job IMO.

There are a number of lessons learned during this interactive.

- When writing an interactive, design an interactive for itself, with the restrictions and realistic number of GM/ location in mind.

- Interactive should have a clear overarching idea and plot.

- 1-7 or 5-11 would be a good range for interactives. It would limit the number of table/ tiers to design and allow for a tighter storyline, while allowing for a higher/lower tier split. A single range (per usual adventures) may be a little too focused to give some added high-level goodies.

- It would be great to have one location on Golarion where our interactives could be set without interfering with the main Society plot. The Mwangi Expanse or the Shackles would be great... Alternatively, the Dragon Empires could be used... I expected to see things in the comments, but no one reported this. In person however, a number of guys shared my opinion of Absalom as an adventure location: overdone.

- Although some players want to have missions that leads "player vs player" or where one faction must mislead another, I would advise against it.

- The problem with the lack of a chronicle meant that a number of players did not take the adventure seriously and simply ignored all the interaction between players. That did not help. Without a chronicle, I do not think interactives are worth the effort from the writers and the players... The "it doesn't count" really turns them off.

There, my thoughts and comments on the interactive.

Will I do another one at Tacticon? Maybe.

As a "bonus", you may see the Interactive in action! Yep... while you guys were playing, I was being interviewed by iAntique.Com. You can see some local folk: Everett, Corwyn, Dallas, Sean-C, Kerney and of course myself! The Video is here. I am on from Minute 15 to Minute 32 talking about Pathfinder Society, the interactive, local cons, shops and events. You know me... I'm talkative! (to see the video you will have to register on iAntique.Com)

At this time I'm still in "Post-Genghis" mode, so I'm not thinking about that. I have to finish writing my Free RPG Day NeoExodus adventure.


PS: Shout-out to Ed Healy from the Gamerati for the pictures.

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