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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Goblin-High Genghis Con Swag - Big Thank you to Paizo

Too few times do we thank those people who do awesome things for the rest of us. But when I got home after another day of "real work", you would not believe what I found...

To keep the suspense (even though I know that you scrolled to the pix already), let me do a bit of history. So a week or so ago, we (the Venture Captains and Lieutenants) were given some new guidelines for convention support. So I followed the procedure and requested support for Genghis Con to my Paizo Overlords. I expected a few of the newer books and a couple of old ones. Standard stuff.

So (back to the story I started in the first paragraph), I came back from work today and found two large boxes of goodies. My son Pat was very excited by them... So he hovered around me as I opened the boxes. I will avoid repeating all the profanity I said in total awe of the stash I kept pulling out. Needless to say that it was A LOT. To use a precise measuring method, so I used a goblin (you can see the picture to the right as he's roaring to scare you).

I now find myself with a nice dilemma: How will I split all this swag among everyone?

Oh! And just so you know, Mike also forwarded me some Con-Only goodies also! Isn't that great?

So I have to send a heartfelt thank you to Mike Brock (in particular) AND to the Paizo people in general. You guys just keep blowing my cynical mind time after time...

Thank you, from me.

Thank you, from the entire Colorado Pathfinder Community

Thank you, from all the Pathfinder Society players and GMs of Genghis Con 2012

I know you want to know exactly what is in the swag pile... So here it is: a Core Rulebook, an Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, three Pathfinder Society Field Guide, The *ENTIRE* Second Darkness Adventure path (including the Map Pack AND the Treasure Cards), Map Packs: Elven City, Tournament, and Farmstead, Two posters and two boxes FULL of novels: a box of Prince of Wolves and a box of Winter Witch! And I'm sure I forget something... Posters! Just Awesome!

Don't be afraid of thanking Paizo and Mike in particular!