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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Commissions: Malifaux Cowboys

More goodies for Stephen!

So I started painting these guys for him. Stephen sent me a long email describing what he wanted and want he did not want...

So I painted and painted. After a first coat, I went back to his email and... I painted the guys the color he did NOT want (red). GAH! So I repainted the red highlights to a dirty green. I'm not sure what these guys do but they look to form an interesting war band. The green gives them a "natural" look and feeling right at home on the range (or the graveyard)...

I really like this effect, which is similar to my Eyriss for Warmachine. However these guys have more depth in the color and texture than Eyriss (this one is not for me).

The Lady Justice I painted with a mauve/pinkish tint to her unlike the guys, I did not repaint her. I kept the red undercoat and did one of my patented mauve treatment to her lingerie. The reddish/mauve effect looks very nice. I like the effect and how it plays with her hair. The hair is a multi-layered look with mid and lighter shades of purple... I keep thinking of a Malifaux version of Jem... Cuz she's totally outrageous!

Tomorrow I'll have even MORE Malifaux to post! (Yes, Stephen, the rest of your models!)


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