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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pathfinder Society at Genghis, Part 1

Now that we all had a week to rest and put our lives back in order, sleep off the con, and start looking at other things. Now is also the time to think back on the con and how to make it better for the next one... in my case, Denver ComicCon in June.

First some hard facts: Without the interactive, I reported 65 tables (and I believe there are some tables that were not turned in to me, so I did not report them). I had about 20 GMs who did a great job of allowing a lot of people to play, often at the last minute "Can you run this for me?". With the interactive that's a total of 74 tables of Pathfinder Society! We busted our numbers from Tacticon by more than "a few"... Last Genghis Con, we had a total of 58 sessions (including the slot zeroes), then Tacticon also had 58... meaning that we smashed our numbers by no less than 26 tables!

Thanks to all the GMs and players who made the con great!

About the reporting... Two things: I cannot stress enough how important it is to write so that *I* can read your writing. Also, whatever character number you enter, is the one that I enter. I don't guess, think or change anything. If your character has a faction in the system, that's the one that I enter. I enter everything as soon as possible, and when things are unintelligible, then you end up with invalid entries, forcing ME to work double-time. That's not something I enjoy. That's good for GMs AND players.

Now for the Fame gained at the con. Once again, murder, chaos and mayhem rules... by a HUGE margin! Andoran has about a 50 point lead on the Grand Lodge.

Closing the pack are the Sczarni... whose many points were gathered by GMs...

Total for Andoran162
Total for Grand Lodge118
Total for Osirion92
Total for Lantern Lodge62
Total for Cheliax57
Total for Silver Crusade57
Total for Taldor51
Total for Qadira43
Total for Shadow Lodge38
Total for Sczarni20

In part 2, I'll talk some more about the Interactive, and the GMing scores.


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  1. The view going into the 'Pathfinder Lodge' was neat. It's nice to see a convention give such nice treatment to a group of gamers - a sub-group at that.

    You did a great job wrangling the games, JP. And I'm glad my 'action shot' of you came out... OK.