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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update and Merry Christmas

Things have gone silent on my end... That's because I'm extremely busy. You'd expect my taking the last two weeks of the year as vacation time would mean I get to lounge around the house, watch Jerry Springer, play with the kids and basically watch the fuzz grow from my navel.

That would be too easy.

No. Instead, I have packed my time with a number of writing projects. I mean a lot of them.

First, I am working on something I plan to submit to my Paizo overlord. Something I've been working on for over a month now. If you follow my twitter (@jpongaming), you know that my first effort was rejected. This second effort is massively different. It did take me some time to get a basic idea. I've moved forward a LOT on this and plan to spend more of my day on it today.

A few days ago, I blogged about a NeoExodus adventure for Free RPG Day. Well, today I am happy to report that LPJ and I are moving forward with this project! We are offering a number of awesome goodies. To help us make this a reality, we have created a Kickstarter to cover the art and printing costs, so we are turning to you to make sure this becomes a reality. Please pledge! There are a number of awesome rewards to unlock! Our idea for that is awesome, and we want to share it with you. LPJ's rewards are very creative and can give YOU some direct input into the adventure - and the world beyond - itself.

I really like this idea! A lot of good rewards for you there! And a chance at putting YOUR imprint on NeoExodus. Check it out.

I have also advanced my paint jobs, moving forward on two commissions, my own Rhulic army (for which I got an extra two boxes including steelhead halberdiers and another gun infantry) and my Cygnar warcaster. All of those have advanced forward and are nearing completion (the dwarves need basing).

This week (the week before Xmas), I have only a few games to play: some minis. Next week, I have a few events: I'm going to Total Escape Games for the first time (its usually too far north for me to go to) and will play in a Slot Zero for Genghis. Hopefully a few Warmachine games, and NeoExodus, which I've been meaning to run for a long time.

So, in all a lot to do and a lot already done. Those are gonna be awesome vacations!

What are your plans?


PS: Merry Christmas to all my readers.


  1. Played some Flames of War last night (WW2 minis) Pathfinder RPG home game tonight, More Flames of War on Saturday, and next week is pretty open. :)

    JP, you'll like Total Escape Games. It's the cleanest game store you'll ever see! Well, maybe tied with Enchanted Grounds :) Plus Steven (Stephen?) and his crew are really cool, with a lot of stock. My only real beef is the gaming room is a little on the small side, but other than that, I love the store.

  2. Thanks Ken! I look forward to going... It'll be the first time I go there... It's just so far from the Springs...
    I'll most likely post my impressions here after the game.