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Friday, December 16, 2011

Start of my Cygnar Army [Warmachine, Cygnar]

It's been a while since I posted about some minis for ME. Well today I've got some Warmachine I painted up. Actually I painted them MONTHS ago, left them kinda unfinished and finally did a push on them (as the Malifaux Mexicans were drying)...

These are Cygnar warjacks. I traded them for some misc minis. When I first got them, I was not into Warmachine and only wanted the jacks to use as part of NeoExodus. However, after a few purchases, Dale's help, and a desire to play something other than 40k (The destruction of my Sisters of Battle army has removed all interest I had in the game). Maybe I'll get back to it when give us girly-players a Codex written by someone who actually played the sisters, not a Space Marine player going "they're about the same". Idiot.

The Lancer at the bottom was painted red because I thought he was a Mercenary, but then found out... Oh well! I kept the paint job VERY simple on these. I don't know what I'll be doing with them: sell them or keep them.

I have a few more pieces I want to add to this force, namely I have a Nemo and want to find some gun mages. The gun mages because I can use them as part of my Highborn commission Mercenary army too... Dual-purpose rocks!

Over the Xmas holidays, I plan to do a few objectives for my armies. A treasure stash for my mercenaries and large banners for the Cygnar (and maybe the Rhulic too).

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