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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Commissions [Malifaux]

I posted last month a few commission pieces for the Malifaux game line. In that post, I promised hate. Yes, I know you all read this blog for the hate... Well allow me to open up on a very nice miniature: the succubus.

I hate the succubus!!!

The sculpt is good, decent detail. However it suffers from two major defects: ridiculous horns AND wing that are positively HUGE.

The horns are what really made me practice the colorful and extremely varied repertoire of French Canadian swear words. Something only weird code issues regularly allow me to repeat and remember... Putting the horns together took WEEKS. I am not kidding you. I spent weeks trying to glue them and stay on. Because the head is not very big, I could not drill much. Though I did think of giving Stephen a hornless succubus, or one with smaller green stuff-made horns. They are still EXTREMELY fragile so I avoided touching them as soon as my drill/glue mixture finally seemed to hold.

The wings were not as bad, but their size is just ridiculous. I did reshape them to try and give them added support.

For the colors, I chose a pink/purple scheme for her skin. Stephen's army is mostly blue-based so that change of color will just pop when placed amongst his other troops. The dark blue clothing and blue-white hair links the character to the rest of the army. In all the model is very nice, but one that is more at home in a display case than a gaming table. When I give the model to Stephen, I'll recommend he does exactly that - or be ridiculously careful with it. That model is great, but the sculptors/designers never thought people would play with it...

The little guys... So nice

After leaving the succubus for weeks (sorry Stephen, but I really did not want to touch that mini...), I picked up the little guys and got them built, glued and base-coated in a flash. They were so fun to do. I used a light blue/purple scheme (using the same blue as the succubus' hair). They were just FUN. I don't know... Even as I painted the little buggers, I had fun doing it... They look playful and I think that carried on to my mood.

The cherub gave me some problems... Okay a small one compared to the succubus, but one I had to think on a short while. So there I am, gluing the little guy to his base when I feel the small bit of metal at its feet take an odd twist. Its hard to define, but at that point I knew that unless I did something, the mini was going to break at that place. Not something I want to see. So I sawed off the mini under it feet, glue the wings on and then raised the whole mini with a piece of metal. This makes it like the cherub is flying. A simple conversion, but something I really like! Simple and effective. Plus a flyer should seem like he's flying, which it seems to do now. So from a problem to a solution!


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