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Friday, December 23, 2011

More December Commissions [Pathfinder, Malifaux, Cygnar]

I've not been idle in spite of being on vacation all week! Can't believe it's already been five days. Been doing a lot of writing, playing some Warmachine, and painting. Which is why you are here... Pictures of minis!

Pathfinder Society Characters

This first mini was requested by my good buddy Brad one game night up at Enchanted Grounds. He has a human magus with severe scars on his body. The problem I had with that is that one of the character's coolest aspect (the scars), was almost impossible to do because the mini had very little exposed skin. Still the face came out very nice. I had to do it through a three-step process. First paint it "skin-colored", then I used a watered-down black paint to make the black less opaque and more organic. Then bright red for the scars in a lightning pattern.

This is another Pathfinder Miniature by Reaper. It's another one of those minis that paint up very easily and very well. I give a big kudos to the folks at Reaper for bring to life the art of Wayne Reynolds.

The next miniature was done for Eric from the Springs. He has a female Tian witch (a character I really hate BTW, stupid re-rolling of good rolls). This one is a Larry Elmore miniature, the first one I got my hands on. Very minimalist in terms of equipment (a belt with a few pouched hanging from it). I really like the art and the mini itself. To make this mini work, I would have to do something to really draw the eye. I used this flower pattern than I like (green/silver/red) for the dress. That plus a nice face (which I paid special attention to) makes for a nice, simple mini.


This one is a little special I did for Stephen. I am a big fan of objective markers as they really make it interesting to play for rather than a dice or a chess piece. I chose "Perdicíon" on it as it captures the impression I have of the dark gothic nature and feel of Malifaux.

Warmachine: Cygnar

Okay, this one is not a commission. It's the caster Nemo for my Cygnar army. It's for me, (though I have been debating about selling these on Ebay). If you are interested in a painted Cygnar army, let me know.

Merry Christmas, I doubt I'll post again until AFTER the Doctor Who Christmas special... I'm already missing the Doctor...


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