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Friday, December 30, 2011

PIRATES! [Warmachine, Legends of the High Seas]

On this end of year, I offer you more minis. This time, these minis I painted for myself. A lot of non-tourney-legal mercenaries, but fun to paint/build and assemble. The thing that had me most worried was how would these miniatures from a wide variety of makers, size and design would look together. There are about 5 different makers used, some are true 25mm, some 28mm and a few 30mm. However, once painted, assembled and put together, they work quite well actually. The very mix of sculpts and looks actually makes the whole ensemble work. I really like putting a horde of pirates together.

So here are the minis, I'll let you judge for yourselves.

Special Characters

First two characters: First Mate Hawk and Mr Walls. Hawk is a Reaper Mini while Mr. Walls is a Foundry model.

The Crews

This crew can be built two ways, either as Press Gangers (why I built them) or as Sea Dogs. The Lass is a Foundry model while the crew is a mix of Old Glory, Mega Miniatures, and Foundry.

This crew was the first one I painted up - and the one that got me the idea to do this army. Most of these guys are from Foundry, the flag bearer from Grenadier and the torch bearer from Old Glory.

This crew is perhaps one of the most mixed group. Again a lot of Grenadier, Mega minis, Foundry with a Reaper captain. If you count correctly, this crew numbers 11. The extra guy, can be moved to the press gangers crew as a replacement or as a extra crewman, replacing the Lass.

Unit Attachments

These longgunners are from Grenadiers and painted so they can be attached to any one of my crews.


These cannons I bought years ago in Dublin in that little shop in a basement on the south bank of the Liffey. The name escapes me now, but they used to have a bin full of Foundry stuff, and I raided the snot out of that bin. These cannons were sold in their boat building supplies. They are just the right size for 28mm battles. With the Grenadier mini, they are a great size!

So... these are my pirates! Fun thing is: I can use them for Legends of the High Seas or in Warmachine!



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