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Friday, April 21, 2023

[Terrain Friday] Statues Gallore!

These three statues all come from different sources.

The first one is a dark elf witch elf, but she will be used for the many icons of ArchDespot Hellebora who keep popping up everywhere in my games... This is a really awesome sculpt with a definite anime-vibe but one I really liked from the moment I saw it on Thingiverse.

The bull's head made me think of something beastly or even an Olympian deity. I debated putting blood upon it, but my first attempts simply sucked and just did not look good. So I opted for the easier "clean" stone.

Finally, the woman statue is incomplete - it is only partially carved - which is why the base is rough stone. Still it makes for a great statue of one of the Olympian goddesses - Aphrodite, Artemis, or even Demeter...

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