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Sunday, January 23, 2022

[Commission] Will's Grey Knight Venerable Dreadnaught

Late last year, I get an instant message going something like "Would you like to paint my grey knights?"

I immediately thought "Pfff, yah!" Of course I want to paint some grey knights. They are IMO, the nicest sculpts ever done by Games Workshop. Painting them is always a delight.

To further entice me, he had a classic venerable GK dreadnought. I mean "Would I like to paint his GK?"... That become of the most academic question in history. Yes. Yes, I would. I got the minis just before Christmas and I immediately began to paint them.

Will had a few major requests: he wanted a "purple theme" and the weapons to have a lightning pattern painted on them. Immediately, I thought of a number of things. I thought of going with a "basic" silver theme for most of the armor, but apply a series of heavily diluted purple washes, instead of black. Highlights in purple.

Those came together really quickly. As an interesting bonus, the models came out silver/grey but depending on the light, they appear deep purple. That effect caught me by surprise a few times as I was working on them and I really liked it. I was going for a wash but this was a welcome bonus.

The weapon with the lightning... I'll keep for the next post...

I present the dreadnaught. This guy was put together with legs facing backwards. I tried to separate it, but Will's glue is really good and I opted against it. The picture with flash does not render it justice because it has many layers of gold/brass with shining grey/ silver with purple sections.

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