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Monday, January 24, 2022

[Commission] Will's Grey Knight Halberdiers

Having painted the minis, I had to decide how to do the basing. I was initially thinking of using the same "lunar" landscape I did for Will's Tau, but that I felt it would fall flat. The basing needed something different. Something that would prompt someone looking at the army to go, "What is the story about this?"

Frankly, I became obsessed with finding a way to make the bases unique to the army by bringing all the models together. Where to start? What would look cool AND unique AND generate the question above?

Why would the Grey Knights go on a bland lunar planet? Why not deploy regular space marines? Grey Knights are demon hunters and psykers. The idea came from the base of the dreadnaught! Why not "hide" sometype of crystal or magical-looking things under all that lunar dust? Yes!

What color? Again, the theme of purple came to mind but I did not want to use the same dark purple. So I used a number of based color to create a crystal/ marble effect with some bubblegum and light blue. To fade the color and merge them, I did a wet wash to must the accent colors, making them appear as if trapped in the crystal/ rock. Now I had my story... For sure, the Grey Knights came because of those strange formations!

The weapons? Oh yeah, I'll get to those in the future...

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