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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

[Commission] Will's Grey Knight Swordsmen

More about these swords... These guys are BRIMMING with swords. Whatever pattern I had to come up for the weapons had to look good on these guys. And the first work I did, well it did not look good. The white and pink just popped too bright and it just did not look right. I will admit that I left the miniatures in that state a week or two, unsure of what to do.

Will called me out on it, asking me how long it would take to get the minis done... I sat at the painting table and spent a good hour just looking at the models.

In the end, I resolved to start over. I would go back to the foundation color and redo them. All of them. What choice did I have? I did not like what I did.


So to avoid putting big glops of paint, I put diluted blue paint (the original base color I used). After I applied the first layer, the bright colors of the weapon muted and gave it the effect I wanted . They looked good! Sometimes genius happens by accident and this is one of those times! I put a second layer on some of the weapons to play with the effect. The result is what I was envisioning from the start. The muted blue looks good.

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