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Friday, December 30, 2016

[Frostgrave Campaign] Thaw of the Lich Lord Day 4

You are no doubt wondering why there was no post yesterday. Simple: I was sick and have been all week: coughing and gacking. Yesterday, I could barely move. So we did not play, even though the kiddos asked for a game.

So this morning, we were back to the Frozen City to explore and see what the Lich Lord had in store.

As we were ready to play, Jojo decided to join us. She decided to play a Witch. Interesting, a different type of wizard! Here is the warband: her wizard is the witch pony with the hat, her apprentice is the druid (with the horns). She has a knight, two infantry men, a thief, and summons a boar.

This game was called Tide of Undeath. In an area in the center of the board, are a number of treasure and down skeletons and we played in a massive blizzard. At some point in the game, the Lich Lord would activate a ritual that would raise the skeletons. The trick? There were a vast number of treasures among the dead!

We converged on the center, taking shots at each other: I took out ActionMan's wizard because he was a thorn in my side. Jojo and Kitty fought on the other side, trading blows.

The Lich Lord finally activated his ritual, animating the skeletons in the center. After a furious battle, many were dead or down and the skeletons were partially defeated. I forgot that anyone who dies in the between the pillars returns as a revenant. There would have been quite a few more undead to go around. Already the amount of undead was quite challenging!

The Lich Lord dropped by with some of his horrible monsters looking over the battle. Kitty, ActionMan and Jojo.

I finished with six treasures, Kitty with five, ActionMan with four, and Jojo with three.

Another fun and surprise-filled scenario.


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