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Monday, December 26, 2016

[Commissions] Goodies from Santa

Santa sent my children a new mini each.

Oh who am I kidding? they all knew I painted the minis for them! Still they were very excited about receiving new minis. I asked them what they wanted.

Kitty: Shauta the Brute

Kitty wanted another big warrior. So she got a half-orc barbarian named after the character my wife played in Living Greyhawk: Shauta the Brute. I like how the skin came off with a nice orky glow. She is one of the models from the "Heroines in sensible shoes" by Oathsworn miniatures.

Actionman: Sir Patrik

Now Actionman wanted a warrior, a model just for his Adventure League character, Sir Patrik (which just a 'k'). Although he is a paladin, I liked the simple clothing the model had and the 'stache. I mean such a nice porn 'stache make him out to be a real stud!

Jojo: Zarina the Elf

Jojo wanted an elf warrior (as she usually plays elf casters). So I found her another model from Oathsworn to use. Though the model is not *technically* an elf, it will work as one. If you are wondering, yes, it is a piggy on her shield...


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