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Monday, December 26, 2016

[Frostgrave Campaign] Thaw of the Lich Lord Day 1

Today, the kids and I started playing the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign for Frostgrave. A fun campaign to play especially since I have a small band of players in the form of my kids. For those who do not know, the campaign is a number of linked wargamin scenarios. You can get the book here on DrivethruRpg.Com.

Normally, Frostgrave is set in a frozen metropolis, but my terrain is more conducive to jungle/ warm terrain. So Frostgrave at the house is set in an artificially warm section of town...

Another thing that I really find very interesting is that I use a wide variety of creatures to form the warbands. Thus the gangs you will see below are not "just" humans and elves, but a mixture of creatures I have in my collection. They are a mix of Reaper (Bones and non-Bones) and some bits and bobs I would be hard press to say what they were.

The Gangs

ActionMan has an elementalist (fire wizard). His wizard (the dude with the fire), apprentice (the fat dude), two infantrymen (the beastmen), an archer (the Pathfinder iconic), a knight (the guy with the spear and shield), a warhound (represented by the bear), and two thugs (the bugbears).

Kitty also had an elementalist (the Pathfinder iconic), an apprentice (the lady holding a potion next to her), a templar (the succubus), a barbarian (the half-orc she received for Christmas), two warhounds (the badger and the lion) and four thugs (the bugbears).

JP decided to try something different: an illusionist (the Gandalf), an apprentice (the shugenja), a thief (the ninja), a templar (the Crab samurai with a tetsubo), two infantrymen (the weresharks), four thugs (the dragons and the lizardman).

Game 1: Eclipse

Short recap, Kitty and ActionMan went at it right away, trading fireballs and beating each other up. Kitty managed to kill a large number of enemy combatants by rolling an amazing number of crits and high rolls (15+). As for me, I lurked on the edge and gathered treasure markers. Everything was going great for me until I decided to try something and go for one more treasure. Then my wizard got swarmed by some random encounters (skeletons) and killed!

In the end, Kitty left with the board with a new grimoire, a magic bow, and gold, lots of gold.

The results are bad enough for ActionMan that he too will start the next game with a brand new team as he only managed to cast two spells but did not score anything else.

More details next time!


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