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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

[Frostgrave Campaign] Thaw of the Lich Lord Day 3

Day Three saw Kitty with a new wizard join the fray! She was now an illusionist.

This was the first time we faced death cultists and more than a single minion of the Lich Lord! Here the Death Cultists guarded a wagon full of treasures. The table looked pretty good with the columns and the trees.

After the first turn, we all moved towards the wagon.

It wasn't long before we all moved against the wagon creating a massive choke point where got into a huge brawl.

One of the biggest things that happened during this game is that there was a HUGE number of random encounter. The scenario had six ghouls arrive, who were with the Death Cultists, AND then we had a bunch more creatures: a werewolf, an ice spider, and a boar. Most of the ghouls seemed to focus on my band, forcing me to move back from a more aggressive stance. They also slowed down Actionman and Kitty.

In the end, our mages all survived (for the first time). I and Actionman are now level 7 and Kitty is Level 3. We each walked away with three treasures and some gold. My apprentice lost an eye.

The kids want to play another one tomorrow...


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