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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

[Frostgrave Campaign] Thaw of the Lich Lord Day 2

After having two warbands effectively destroyed by Kitty's band yesterday, ActionMan and I reset our bands and went at it again.

The Second Scenario features a battle on the frozen river that crosses the city. Basic setup has two thin strips of terrain on both sides, with a frozen river littered with ships stuck in there. Well... it just happened that I finished painting some ships I bought this past Gencon. Initially, these were painted "just because", and using them now was a great addition to this table. There was also a rule for running that meant that if someone tried to run on the ice, they could fall and hurt themselves. I was a little wary of the rule, but the kids got it super quick and it really made for a different game. A fun occasional rule that adds both flavor and a twist in the story. The setup had five ships, with the largest one roughly in the center of the table.

We "knew" that during the third turn, a wizard in the employ of the Lich Lord would come out of that central ship with a special double-treasure.

The game started fairly normally: Kitty moved her gang towards mine while ActionMan spread out across his entire side. I was not too sure why, but hey!

I used invisibility quite effectively throughout the game, with both my wizard and my apprentice moving around invisible while Kitty and the boy traded elemental balls and elemental bolts, weakening each other quite a lot, I must say.

Here is a picture of the fight, with the undead wizard fleeing towards my side of the table (roughly in the center of the pic).

In the end, Kitty lost most of her gang, ActionMan's wizard was defeated (by my wizard no less!) and I managed to leave with four of the treasures, including the special double treasure! Got some sweet loot from it too: a sword of undead slaying and a vial of power. ActionMan got an ivory scroll (a scroll that may not be destroyed when used).


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