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Thursday, September 1, 2016

007 Lists about James Bond: Top 3 Bond Girls

This list was perhaps the toughest one to write and to narrow down to a few. There are so many great ladies that graced the screen with 007 that to limit myself to "just" three was very very difficult. With a few exceptions (Grace Jones), most of the ladies could have made this list.

So I will go with the three that most stuck to mind.

Top 3 Bond Girls

3- Agent XXX

I chuckled so much when I first heard the name of the Soviet Agent from The Spy who loved me. I did not know why or exactly what that meant, but I knew it was funny. The relation between her and Bond was always one that would end interestingly. After all, did not Bond kill her previous man?

The plot of the movie allowed for a number of great moment, and Jaws as the villain added to the story. She was resourceful and playful, very much a female-version of Bond, which I thought made the role so interesting.

2- Teresa Bond

Ahhh. Diana Riggs...

Perhaps it is my own love of The Avengers? Whatever, I loved that she re-branded her Mrs. Peel role in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. She brought that playfulness, but also a no-non-sense feel to the role.

Plus she is the only woman who ever managed to capture James Bond's heart got to marry him. She is without a doubt, the most referred-to character in all the Bond movies. With references and jabs in at least six other movies.

Oh and how many Bond girls can say they were related to the Queen of the Iron Throne? She's just the best.

1- Honey Ryder

From the moment Honey Ryder walked out of the water in Dr. No the tone and feel of not only the movie, but the whole series changed. How can she not be the greatest of the Bond Girls when she was the first one, the one that set the tone.

Hummm that I could go to the Bahamas on an secret island that she would come out of the water...




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