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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Loren Peterson joins FOE

Pretty much since the beginning of summer, I have found myself in need of assistance. In the end, I reached out through this blog. I was seriously surprised by the level of response. I got to chat with a number of new folks, as well as reconnect new guys.

I had a number of conversations: my Facebook messenger exploded with people wanting to know about the position, or just to chat. The process went surprisingly fast: a few guys only wanted to chat about the state of FOE, some disqualified themselves for various reasons, and a select few made it through that first round (two guys).

After talking some more with my final two, the interest and desire of one of them really brought him to the top.

So it is with great pleasure that I can today announce the addition of Loren Peterson to the FOE family! Loren's background differs greatly from mine, and I know this contrast should provide different perspectives and a nice mix of influences.

Tomorrow, I will publish an interview with him for you all to get to know him better.


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