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Monday, September 26, 2016

007 Lists about James Bond: Top 3 worse villains

As many great villains in the franchise, there are quite a few that don't just make the cut.

I had to think about the worst people in James Bond. And I don't mean Most Evil, just these villains that simply SUCK.

Now when I created this list, I have Michael Longsdale's Draw from Moonraker as number one, but as I thought about it more, the movie was terrible, but his plan was actually pretty sweet, and he found the means to get it done. So I decided to drop him from the top 3. So a decent villain and a terrible movie can go together.

Top 3 Worse Villains

3- Franz Sanchez (License to kill) I make no qualms saying that I think License to Kill - and the whole Timothy Daulton era was easily the worse of all Bond eras. Franz Sanchez who was a drug dealer. He was just horrible. While there are a few villains who were nothing special, this dude had no real gimmick. He had no gimmick, no unique ability, nothing. He was just a drug dealer with a hot wife and a goons.

Although not every villain needs to be over-the-top, for example Kristatos from For your eyes only had none of those special gimmicks, but he was a credible and interesting character. Sanchez is not.

I remember as a kid watching that movie just wanting for him to die, without feeling anything special about it. At least he died and no one heard or cared about him again.

2- Max Zorin (A view to a kill) This one was tough to put on this list, but I just had no choice. I love Christopher Walken. Max Zorin was a character that had a background so completely unbelievable, and we're talking unbelievable within the paradigms of the Bond universe here.

His origin had everything to become one of the top villains: a Nazi genetic experiment, load of money, and mob connections. But Walken's portrayal and the plot made him such a complete psychopath that I cannot see why anyone would be willing to join with him or give him millions of dollars. He was a complete caricature of an industrialist with a look vaguely resembling Andy Warhol.

So why do he rate so high in the level of suck? Other than being Chris Walken, what did the dude have? He was a psychopath that could not handle himself and would fly off the handle at the drop of a hat regularly. No way such a person would rise to such level. I think even the cast did not believe in the plot or Walken's rendition.

Sorry Chris.

1- Colonel Moon (Die Another Day) Colonel Moon's goal to restart a war between North and South Korea just felt underwhelming. Badly. Like I like Will Yun Lee as an actor but yeesh. Even pulling a face change couldn't help the character be move believable. He didn't even seem interested in starting a war. It's like watching Face-off again.

Oh and shall I speak of this fake Iron Man costume that make him even more ridiculous. The GIJoe movie failed. This failed too. Writing this list made me realize how terrible that movie was.

So I re-watched the movie recently and waited for him to finish his monologue with a "Hail Hydra" which would have made sense as the scene was essentially the same as the ending of Captain America: The First Avenger. I know, I know, the First Avenger came years later. However, in CA:TFA, the confrontation made sense and the Red Skull at least had a goal that made people care.

Just no. Just no.

At least he died and we never had to remember him.

Until I created this list.


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