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Monday, September 5, 2016

DragonCon 2016 AAR, Part 1: Craziness in Atlanta

My first DragonCon is in the books and it provided a lot of insight and fun.

ActionMan and I left Nashville around 4pm, drove down I-24 then I-75, arriving in Atlanta around 8:30PM. We reconnoitered the locations as I had never been there. So we walked in and began a game of walking around. The boy and I walked around for about ninety minutes until we finally reached the Marriott and got our Guest badges!


We get back to the car only to find that was have a flat tire! Well no worries... The two of us change the tire and head for our hotel.

Then POW!

Right on I-75, the spare blows up!

W. T. F.

That's right! So I limped the car to the exit where our hotel was and stopped there. Then I spent an hour on the phone trying to organize our next step!

We went to sleep. Well, ActionMan got to sleep as I restlessly twisted and turned in bed, but at least there was a plan. We got up and walked to the McDonald's and made our way back to the car. ActionMan was really excited by the tow-truck ride.

We were taken to a local Honda dealer where we waited for our tires to be fixed. Why tires? Simply because I had another one that was about to give up the ghost! So my costs rose, and rose, and rose...

What drove me insane was that I would have to miss running my morning slot. While I understood there was very little I could do about it, it still gnawed at me. I take great pride in doing what I promise and commit to do.

We finally returned to the gaming area around 11:30AM. I inquired from the Adventure League folk whether they would be willing to run ActionMan by himself. They were not, so I took him with me to play Tyrants of Saggakar.

Now you may think that I be annoyed by their refusal, but no. I much prefer someone who tells me to my face "No, your child is too young" than someone who uses strange, behind-the-scene-pseudo-rules to do it. I can respect that - and that was precisely why I asked if they were okay with doing this.

So ActionMan and I got ready to play some Saggakar. That one hour before game time is always one filled with nervous energy. I can't wait to start and walk around neurotically, trying to channel and focus my energy.


I ran the final official table of ToS2-02 Fogs of Days Past and it was a crucial one: there are two major choices in that adventure and guess what... they were split 50/50 after Gencon. So I was really looking forward to it! And it did not disappoint! ActionMan was very happy to take on the role of JawBreaker, his favorite iconic character. He "led" the party through the difficult choices.

After that, he was tired. And truth by told so was I. The four hours of nervous twisting and turning sleep I had really weighed on me. We went for dinner and by 9pm the two of us were snoring peacefully.

And by 9pm, I mean we were already in deep sleep. For at least thirty minutes...

Next time, Sunday


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