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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

007 Lists about James Bond: Top 3 Villains

I have been thinking about a few lists and if there is a series that I love and that lends itself so well to these kind of lists than James Bond. From the days when I was a kid, I remember watching for the action and the gadgets. Then as I grew up, the bond girls. Hummmm

Since the franchise has been running for over fifty years, it is great to look over the movies I loved - and hated - for decades.

So let's start...

Top 3 Villains

3- Jaws

There are few characters that marked my young imagination as much as Richard Kiel's interpretation of the steel-jawed killer known as Jaws.

From the unstoppable, relentless, merciless juggernaut he was in The Spy who loved me, I was just terrified. My brother and I would scare each other by mimicking him and his slow bite attack method.

He wasn't as awesome in Moonraker (then again who was?) but still his presence and appearance drew my interest immediately. I loved the fact that Bond always goes for the Kirk-punch to the jaw to remind himself of the steel teeth.

2- Goldfinger

I remember watching the movie that bore his name and being completely taken aghast by the deviousness of his plot at Fort Knox. That he used Pussy Gallore's Flying Circus wasn't lost on me.

His method of killing: by painting a woman with gold paint stuck to my imagination as particularly horrible.

The man who loves gold always left me with a soft spot as someone who is extremely ruthless in the pursuit of his one and only goal: gold.

Forever embedded in my mind as the pinnacle of greed, Auric Goldfinger is someone I love to hate every time he comes on TV.

1- Hans Blofeld

How can one think of 007 and not think of his arch-enemy of the early days: Ernst Blofeld! The man with the white cat is the archetype and living symbol of villainy. As the true mastermind of evil, Blofeld takes the cake: he has means and resources, is completely without mercy and seeks to advance the cause of Spectre.

He appears a number of times throughout the 60s and 70s, played by many different actors, though the actor that stuck most to my mind was You Only Live Twice's's Donald Pleasance.

The many actors that played him, like Bond himself, gave him a slightly different flavor. In a way, I think Blofeld, like Bond, is a codename that is passed on from person to person. Whereas he is always a little different, but remains the same.


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