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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Job opportunity at First Ones Entertainment

There comes a time when a company grows to the point where someone realizes he can no longer do everything himself. My personal focus and main interest is an remains in the writing, editing and GMing of high quality RPG products. With my time getting shorter and shorter with the many classes I'm taking to improve myself

One element where I need help is on the side of publicity and social media. I know so much more can and should be done by FOE: getting the word out through various channels and gaming forums to get the name out there. I'm particularly interested in places like the EnWorld and Paizo's forums. I'm talking about the many Facebook group about RPGs. Google groups. Twitter. There are so many opportunities for FOE to reach people with our products.

I am looking for:

- Knowledge and mastery of social media: be able to promote and communicate effectively through these many channels

- Willing to GM FOE adventures in their area: at cons, game days, and others.

- Someone who has ideas and who is willing to contribute to the Legacies story line(s).

- Ability to say "No JP, this is NOT a good idea"

For these services, I offer:

- Free copies of FOE products, everything digital and hard copies of any physical book published by FOE.

- Fame and glory

- A small stipend (small is the operative word here)

- Writing slots (if you want to write something, it will happen)

- Adulation of millions

- A email address

How to join the rank of the elite FOEs? Simply send an email to and let me know why you are interested in working for FOE.


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