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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Slacking off report

Since coming back from Gencon, I have been bouncing on a number of things.

- I have been chugging along on the many classes I have been taking. From history to writing to business, a variety of topics I have been interested in and some I wish to expand or improve my skills in. I have been doing a lot. Lots of them. They are definitely eating a fair amount of my free time. However, I find that many of these topics have altered or fashioned some of my writing.

- I have been thinking about a number of non-Legacies things, namely the new L5R campaign and the end of the old one (Heroes of Rokugan 3 and 4).

- The Rhym project is chugging along, and we are moving forward. More details will be coming soon... I hope to have an email from Irene soon *wink* *wink*

- I need to get back to my Arcanis adventure. It's gnawing at me that it does not have the one wow-factor element I would like to give to it. The idea will come but I need to get back to it.

- I have been thinking about re-doing the FOE website. I really need to do it, but I need to find the time, which I've been sinking into other things.

- I have been working on a few Legacies work. One is an adventure I did not finish in time for Gencon, I currently call The Sorrowful Lady and one called Scene from a Memory. Both of those have outlines but need more work. I am also expecting a more complete outline by a new writer in my inbox.

- Since before Gencon, I have been helping Randy starting his new project. Sigh. He wants to write for himself... I just hope he will be okay still working for the pittance I can offer... Seriously, I expect we will be doing things together in the future.

- I have been neglecting this blog. A lot. Most of my work has been in my "JP On Writing" wherein I posted a number of essays on historical elements.

So this is why I have not been posting here as much as I have in days past. I cannot wait to post more stuff about Rhym, Saggakar and maybe others?


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