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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

FOE launches Pillars of Oblivion

Year two of the Legacies Campaign has now started - for real! I have just released the two Gencon adventure through RpgNow/DriveThruRPG!

ToS 2-01 Fate of Zealot Randy's latest adventure. This one follows up on one the thread from his previous adventure, ToS 1-05 Path To Ambition. I must say that having run both, both of these are great fun, filled with intrigue and dark subplots, both are set in Onero: City of Sins.

For the first time, I have published an adventure for 5th Edition... This adventure is my own Fogs of Days Past which premiered at Gencon and will be running next at DragonCon in Atlanta GA. ToS2-02 Fogs of Days Past ToS2-52 Fogs of Days Past Fifth-edition adventures will hold the same number as the Pathfinder version, but number in the 50s. I can't say right now if every adventure will be ported to both system, depends on time and play numbers.

As an added bonus, the Campaign narratives are now available. Now I may have gone a bit overboard here, but the story of what happened at Gencon during "Dreams of Dust" required me to write not one, but TWO epilogues to complete the story! This one was a story I wanted to write from the first moment I began to write for Saggakar. You might recognize a few classic, non-Saggakar villains therein... Shows you how much you missed indeed! Year 2 Campaign Narratives.

If all that is not enough, everything is on sale... get them 25% off!

As usual thanks for your patronage and support!


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