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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Oblivion for all of you!

I ran a short survey on the Legacies Facebook Group and asked you, the players, what would be the theme for this year, that of 786IC. There were four choice, each based on an idea I had about how to drive the plot... The choices were:

- Conquest

- Death

- Oblivion

- Tyranny

I was a close affair for the longest time, but today finally Oblivion pulled ahead. This is going to be a very fun story line, one that takes builds naturally upon the plot from last year, in ways I hope will be creative, interesting and unique.

I added the new year's logo.

So with Gencon approaching, I think it is a good time to provide you with the blurbs of the adventures I am bringing with me.

TOS-2-01 Fate of Zealots by Randy Price An assassin loose in the city of Onero is nothing special. Someone is willing to share information in return for a share of the bounty. But in the city of sins, nothing is ever secret and offers come from all directions.

TOS-2-02 Fogs of Days Past by JP Chapleau A new ArchDespot now sits on the throne of Faremh. Her rule is far from unanimous, however. She needs people to retrieve the ancient crown to prove her worth.

TOS-2-04 The Sorrowful Lady by JP Chapleau The Spiderfen Forest is the premiere source of lumber in the ArchDespotate and one of House Faremhi's greatest resource. The Church of Soffro, the Merchant Lord has called upon the Great Houses to investigate a unique grove spotted in the forest.

TOS-2-0I01 Dreams of Dust by JP Chapleau Last year, adventurers recovered an icy slab from Yorix's island. The slab was locked away in the under bowels of the palace. But it did not lay dormant, but has been dreaming, dreams of dust beyond the Mists.


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