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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Farewell Steven Russell

It is not a good time when I have to put up two similar posts in what? A week's time? Sheesh.

Last night, I came home early, under a sky heavy with thunder and lightning blasting across Middle Tennessee. I had a nice dinner with the family where we all had fun and I ignored a few emails and spent the evening painting miniatures (I have a huge stash of Victorian/Pulp miniatures to finish, so if anyone is interested in obtaining one or more, let me know, my prices are very low). I watched a horror movie with my eleven year old. Then I sat at my computer and played Star Wars: The Old Republic. After that, I put on another movie and did a little bit of writing.

In short, an evening for me, tuning out the world.

Then around 11:30, I opened Facebook and poked around a little. It wasn't long before I learned that Steven D Russell, the man behind Rite Publishing had passed away.

What? When? How? Who? Really?

I poked LPJ to see if he had any more information. Then I went to bed unable to find rest.

I will not claim that Steve was my best friend, but he was someone with whom I talked regularly about publishing, about meeting at an upcoming event, about potential work together, usually with me asking him all kinds of noob questions about this new role of mine. He was always extremely welcoming and answered my questions patiently and thoroughly, which made him so endearing. I don't know the details of the car crash (See the post by WHIO) but read on in horror.

Farewell Steve, we'll roll dice together some day.

Our prayers go with your family.

We'll miss you.


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