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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Back to PFS, Back to Kentucky

I have not been talking much about PFS in the past months. Not only have I been playing less, but I find the quality of many games to be lackluster and out right boring. Following a local conflict, I stopped attending local events for it with my children, slowly seeing these events wither from lack of attendance.

I did play a game or two at Lexicon with Chad, Holly and Randy at the table and had a lot of fun with it. I played online with various quality games, but I nevertheless always try to bring in characters that are interesting and that bring a different approach to the game, and raise up everyone's enjoyment along with my own. I often complained about the number of people playing cardboard character who told me everything I needed to know about them with "I'm a 3rd level elf fighter".

Well this coming weekend, the whole family: myself, the three monsters and my nephew Jocelyn will be traveling north to Lexington KY to play one of the PFS specials. A table of 5 ready to take on pretty much whatever! I believe the last time we played PFS together was September or October of last year. We have since played a number of 5e games together and have enjoyed it. My heart, tho, is and always has been in Pathfinder RPG so this event will be a fun occasion to see people we've played with in the past.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and participating in a big event again.



  1. J'ai cette tendance assez ré nommer mes personnages. Comme une classe. Genre Libraire niv 5 ou marchand et de mettre des cameos de mes personnages du style un chariot au nom de la compagnie.

    Le problème, c'est que le groupe ne s'attend pas à cela et ça peut donner des complications si le dm ne savait pas que Goupil est un kitsune qui a décidé de ressembler à Georges Clooney.

    Je trouve qu'il vaut mieux commencer carte sur table et de présenter le personnage en soulignant la méchanique et ce qu'il peut apporter au groupe. Comme sa bonne humeur, son domaine de gentillesse et de nous montrer un autre aspect d'un dieu à la réputation infâme.

    1. C'est une option... Cependant le probleme n'est pas que qqn dise "Je suis un guerrier 3" c'est que c'est tout ce qu'il y aie a ce personnage-la. C'est la qu'est mon probleme avec les persos en carton.