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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Legacies Updates before Gencon

With Gencon, one of the things I need to complete is the Legacies Campaign Guide. Let me discuss a few of the high points.

Are there any additional changes you would like to see in the campaign? Comment away!

New Theme

With the new theme of this year, Pillars of Oblivion, I updated the cover (to feature ArchDespot Hellebora and the year's logo). The theme is going to take the overall plot in directions I wasn't too sure when I put it in the choices, but now I have a really good idea for it. Already elements of it will be present at Gencon in the adventures...

I am getting really into this.


I am planning to create products and adventures for 5e. This Campaign Guide will include some of the rules to create and play using 5th edition rules. As proof, I will have a few copies of the ToS: Player's Guide for 5e.

One of the adventures at Gencon, Fogs of Days Past will be published for both game system. I still have a bit of work for the 5e version (game balance and the like) before Gencon.

New Master

Hey! There is a new master that will appear. A few people had her already... ArchDespot Hellebora! The ArchDespot is not someone you can select at character creation, but there are a few opportunities already. Serving the ArchDespot allows you, if she has no special entries, to select any of the un-represented houses. So if the table has no representative of House Tioten, then you can select to serve House Tioten, as a special assignment.

The ArchDespot will not always have missions for her slaves, and if this is not the case, they are considered to belong to House Ougozar.

Changes to Unmarked

Perhaps one of the biggest changes brought about by Lady Hellebora is the lowering of the taxes that led to the demise of her husband. So as of now, unmarked characters only have to pay one-quarter of their earnings. So they get to keep a full 75% of their earnings instead of 50%!


The Iconics were updated with a new look, using their color images. They will be available for both 5e and Pathfinder.


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