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Saturday, July 2, 2016

New year, new theme, new poll

Another year of Legacies, another theme. As I am ramping up the work on the second year in Saggakar, I need to have a theme... something to guide me into the many bad things I plan on doing to people, starting at Gencon.

I have a number of issues and ideas but leave things up to you. After last year's "Seeds of Rebellion", I now offer four choices: Oblivion, Conquest, Tyranny and Death. I thought about adding "loving unicorns" but that will be for next year (maybe). The poll is held on our Facebook group (click the link to go there directly). It will affect things on every one of the mods I am working on, so the poll is something I need before putting the final touches on the adventures.

Year 2, it's coming. It's (almost) here. Gencon is where it will start.

Vote early, vote often!


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