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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Update: Stupid is as stupid does

I have been very quiet on this blog for many days now. I blame it on real life...

I spent a wonderful week end with my family at the Beach in Pensacola, Florida. It was my second time in Florida, ever... the last time had been in 1981 when my mother took my brother, my (paternal) grandmother and myself to Walt Disney World. For those who don't know how long it's been. Epcot Center was "going to open next year" kinda long ago. Well like that previous time, I enjoyed myself again. Saw some dolphins, did some fishing, built castles with the kiddos, visited a US Civil War fort, and just spent some time with my family. Good times.

Then I came back Friday. And I immediately went to working on everything at once.

You know that type of nervous, crazy energy where you have like, a million ideas all coming into your head at once: storyline, product ideas, locations, encounters, NPCs, stuff for 5e, stuff for Pathfinder, stuff for Call of Cthulhu, stuff for games you haven't invented yet. Your head is so full of everything that just sorting out things destroys your creativity. You are jumping around, hoping from project to project like a bee, dropping a few sentences here, words there, paragraph there, write a few lines of HeroLab goodies there, paint a few models there.

And of course, that comes at a time when you are trying to put the finishing touches on three projects. One "regular" adventure, one year-end special and the 5e playtest you promised yourself you'd do. But with the deadlines looming, you are starting to see the end of the tunnel! ToS1-09 One Final Night of Freedom is done. Perhaps a little more editing to do first, but done. ToS1-I02 Something Borrowed, Something Blew is in need of a conclusion. But how do you write a conclusion to something that is so open-ended? I'm still sorting that one out, but things will fall into one of three overall ending. I have half of my characters done in HeroLab for the 5e adventure, all I need now is to polish them and finish the adventure in a 5e format. I expect to run this adventure a few times here and there.

So what does this idiot does?

He goes off and volunteers to run some miniatures for NashCon! I am planning to run a "Conquistadores in Africa" using a simplified version of The Sword and the Flame. Its been too long since I did any Minis games that I will enjoy running them once again. If you've been following, you will remember that I have just painted a number of african warriors and conquistadores... So... 1+1= Minis game! I will post updates here.


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