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Sunday, April 17, 2016

FOE Unveils new 5e Logo!

This morning, inspiration finally hit and I knew what I wanted... I wanted something that was both simple and obvious yet that fit in the color palette I already used. So I needed a new logo to let people know if it were a Pathfinder or a 5e product.

With my work on 5e-compatible products advancing: the first draft of the races is currently out to a select panel of 5e expert for feedback). This handpicked group of people have played a lot more 5e than I. I will maintain their anonymity for now, but these guys will all get credit for their assistance in the final book.

Now that I have a first draft of the race ready, I need to start looking at the classes: this is perhaps a bigger challenge. However, explaining my design philosophy is a whole other post.

This post is for the logos.


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