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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

[Conglomeration] Teaser for the special this weekend

As I finally get everything done, I think it is time to provide some teaser material for what it coming to the campaign this Sunday morning at Conglomeration. As a teaser, I am sharing the opening boxed text for ToS1-I02 Something Borrowed, Something Blew. It will be an adventure that will run only ONCE. So the six players sitting at that table will have big choices on their shoulders. So you will be able to blame THEM if things get.. better! yeah! better!

The central courtyard of the summer palace of Tearfield is filled to the brim with local nobles, foreign dignitaries, soldiers and slave retinues. The reason for such a gathering is the wedding of His Ruthlessness, ArchDespot Gaztokell and Lady Hellebora of House Tioten.

Having taken the oaths of obedience to her husband, the pair is all but effectively married.

The pair stands on a balcony, waving at the crowd below. They could not be more different. He is a man in his twilight years. She is in the full bloom of womanhood.

He is smiling with a content expression on his face. She is uncomfortable as her smile is forced and rehearsed.

Still, the crowd roars its approval. Members of House Ougozar hope the marriage will cement their hold on the throne. Members of House Tioten see their fortune and their standing increase, cheer the loudest. Members of minor houses welcome the stability such an arrangement brings to the nation.

Conspicuously quiet are the members and servants of House Faremhi, who see the alliance and their hold on the throne slip further away from their grasp.

After a long ovation, the aging ArchDespot addresses the crowd.

“My people! On this day of my wedding, a day that will be remembered as the first of the Gaztokian Dynasty, I want you all to enjoy yourselves. Masters, allow your slaves to do as they wish. Slaves, celebrate until you cannot remember! Celebrate the glory of the moment.”

Roaring cheers erupt as a thousand slaves walk out carrying amphora of wine, and platters of food. Stations are quickly set up as musicians play joyful tunes to impromptu dancers. Within moments, the courtyard is the biggest party the ArchDespotate as ever seen.

No one notices the pair retreated into the castle.

First Ones gather with others of their kind, leaving you with other adventurers. A conversation breaks out between you.


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