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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Batman v Superman: What I liked and disliked

This is a spoiler-less series of notes about the movie.

This movie is the kind of movie only DC can make. Why? Because their heroes have much richer personal histories that do not really rely on villains. Unlike Marvel who for me is usually about the villains.

Here is a spoiler-less notes about things I liked and disliked.

High points
- Like most people, I was greatly and positively surprised by Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne.
- I said many times before that I am tired of superheroes origin movies. This is one but it deals with the relation of the two characters, not "how did they become superheroes". Both of their origins are important, but Batman's (especially) was well done. Take two minutes, show us the scene, of his parent's death, and move on from there.
- I really liked how it tied into Man of Steel, a movie I did enjoy.
- The all-star cast was good all-around. I especially liked Jeremy Irons as Alfred and Lawrence Fishburne resuming his role as Perry White.
- The tie to other heroes (you know that "Dawn of Justice" thing?) and their introduction was well done. Just enough to say "Oh! Nice!"
- This opens the door to other superhero movies from DC.

Weaker points
- Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex Luthor was a nice surprise. Although I was initially happy with it and his portrayal. I did not like how he turns out. Not really Eisenberg's "fault" but how the script's.

So... Overall, I had a great time with ActionMan. I am looking forward to a Justice League movie...


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