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Thursday, March 31, 2016

How Reign of Winter ended

My Reign of Winter campaign came to a close recently. My character, the young impressionable winter witch, Katja Alterborg and her familiar, Grandmother was resurrected after the final fight (I died on the first saving throw I had to do). She had a ermine familiar, Grandmother, who was clearly evil and power hungry, that the party hated (with reason).

Katja was an interesting character to play. She was an orphaned raised by her paternal grandmother with ultra-conservative values, and a strong penchant for home life and homely pursuits. She was described (initially) as a "short, plump, withdrawn, nerdy girl" Rather shy and quiet, she would simply initially repeat what Grandmother told her to do to the party, and say relatively little. But as she grew in power, she became more self-assured, going so far as to threaten Grandmother and nearly cook her in her cauldron. She made to in-game boyfriends, the studly Noldar the viking and the ascetic Nammpo the monk. She found her "sister from another instance of Golarion" in Nadya.

Oh and she lost a lot of weight during the AP. So much that she worried that she would lose her womanly charms if she kept "melting" that way. She also hated going to places where it was "sweltering, unlike the beautiful lands of Irrisen."

I played the first half with one group and after that one kinda exploded, I moved to another group who were in desperate need of a healer. So I healed them through to the end.

Baba Yaga Ask what you want and I shall grant it.

Katja Grandmother wants me to become queen of Irrisen.

BY My daughter will need magical training, done!"

Grandmother (to Katja)We now have 100 years to get rid of the old woman... We've got plans to make."

So I guess all there is to say is "Hail the Queen of Irrisen! Hail Queen Katja!" Now its official for everyone! No taksies-backsies!

A big Thank you to my two GMs: Evan and Chad for putting the time to get all of this done. I'll post my thoughts on the AP itself.


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