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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Arcanis coming to 5e: JP's reaction

A few weeks ago, PCI, the minds behind Arcanis posted that they were going to publish their Living Arcanis campaign using 5e alongside the Arcanis system. As you all know now, I was deep in thoughts myself about moving Saggakar to 5e when this announcement came.

I took advantage of Facebook chat and asked a number of questions from Henry Lopez. I really like his writing and creativity, of which a number of elements appear in my own works. I asked him many questions about how it would work, how he foresaw the way things would go, what some of the challenges were. I have no problem admitting I was fishing for answers on addressing the dual system issue. Something I was worried and trying to sort out, though with Pathfinder/5e.

What I heard him say was genius in its simplicity: they would produce material for both at the same time. To say that his words had no impact on my decision to produce 5e material would be lying. It influenced me a lot.

So back to Arcani5... Arcanis' emphasis on story transcends the system and being available to more players cannot help but be awesome.

What annoys me about it? I will have to come up with a new concept for a character for Arcani5! For now at least, I can keep on playing Kermina and Shankar using the original system. I am kinda bittersweet about their announcement, mostly for selfish reasons. I foresee a lot of sales and an influx of new players into the campaign, so a great success on both account. What I worry about is the likely drop in play numbers for non-5e games. How fast that will happen remains to be seen, hopefully a long time.

Whatever the case, I told Henry that I would adopt the simple policy of "shut up and take my money!!!" As I know I will be adding their upcoming products to my collection of 5e material.

In closing, from a personal perspective, this is a great decision for PCI, one I am sure will pay off big time. I did lead my friend Henry on a little without explaining my reasons. Reasons, I posted on this blog, and I'm sure I got him riled up. I hope he forgives me. It was not done with malice in mind, mischief? Yeah I can say that...

Henry, please accept my most sincerest apologies, you've been a good sport to my natural cynic. I promise I won't do it again.

If you did not read between the lines, it means you must be prepared to read many 5e articles on Arcanis on this blog as more material becomes available. Can't wait.



  1. Interestingly, I love the Arcanis system, but don't care much for the setting. Furthermore, I detest 5th ed DnD

  2. Really? I'm in the opposite camp. This news means that you get to play both systems for now and see more material from PCI. A win IMO