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Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Campaign Narrative Released

I have just uploaded the latest campaign narrative to our yearly fiction (available through RPGNow/DriveThruRPG). It is also available as part of the Year 1 Bundle. As an added benefit, everything is for sale during this GM's Day period!

This one is the longest narrative we have ever published, a surprising... TWO PAGES! Seriously, I seek to keep those interludes short and to the point, but this one required more.

For those who do not know, Hellebora is the current chosen queen-to-be. The loving lady willing to give up her life to continue the ArchDespot's dynasty. The lovely and demure bride-to-be.

Here is the start, as a teaser...

Lady Hellebora stood in her room, waiting for the inevitable, waiting for that moment when her future husband would make her a queen. Ironic, as a child she dreamt of becoming queen and now that crown would fall upon her head, it felt like a yoke. As the youngest child, she expected to travel the world and do as she pleased. She never thought she would be traded and sold by her beloved father to another old man needing children to ensure a dynasty no one cared for. Heck even his own family did not want him to rule.

She imagined that she would conquer her own crown, that she would lead armies of slaves into battle and that she would be victorious covered in the blood her defeated enemies. For that she trained to become the best archer, first in her native Hellsmere, then across the ArchDespotate, then finally in faraway lands.

She remembered a day in Nooraka, a day long ago, a lifetime ago. It was the province's most prestigious archery tournament. She and her brothers entered the competition with the assurance of winning. She was confident in her own skills, so confident that she stayed out drinking late into the night, enjoying the company and the music.

In the morning, she crawled out of bed, seeking relief from the pounding in her head. She dressed and barely reached the field on time to participate, unlike her brothers, whom she carefully neglected to wake up as she left. Her competitors were also affected by hangovers and some clever addition to the drinks she gave them. In those days, she controlled her life. She enjoyed the freedom that was due her people. She enjoyed life. She forced others around her to take their rightful place beneath her boots. She was truly the divine will of the gods.

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