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Monday, September 14, 2015

Minion Monday: Witch Doctor Special edition

It has been months since I got to post any pictures of miniatures. Heck, it's been months since I got to sit down and paint anything! Well this past week, I had to pull myself away from my PC, with all the writing I've been doing and finally just sat down and painted the miniatures that I left half-finished on my table in Kentucky. Yeah! It's been THAT long...

I did touch a few model while I was at the apartment, but I never finished any of them. Which brings me to this past weekend. I did a number of minis, starting with my daughter's new Pathfinder Society character. So be prepared for some miniature-y goodness this coming week!

So, with all this, back to Minion Mondays!!!

This first miniature is this year's Privateer Press Gencon exclusing, the Blindwater Brew Witch Doctor. The model originally comes with two barrels. Now I decided not to put the barrels, and instead use something different (which I will post this week). This leaves me with a woman holding a teddy bear and a dagger in an alligator suit. I am thinking of using her as a Saurian Druid.


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