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Monday, September 28, 2015

[Cryx Monday] Or [Merc Monday]? I dunno... But here are some Cephalyx

Ever since I say that cephalyx were mercenary units in the Cryx, I have been interested in acquiring some and use them in a mercenary force. However, there were no casters that would allow me to do so.

Well now there are.

And after seeing their whole look, I'm not very keen on building such an army. However, I managed to win a few sets of them cheap on Ebay, so I finally painted them up. I mean these guys waited for MONTHS. I primed and gave them a touch of paint in the winter (February-March) and I finally gave them their final touches in September.

Since drudges are "all the same" I plan to mix the plastic and metal ones into two different units. I have placed them randomly for the pix.

Of note: I dislike the banners so I will most likely redo/repaint them. They look too clean, too nice for the cephalyx.

So here they are.


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