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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Legion of Everblight: The Blighted Bather (Special Edition)

Last year at Gencon, I got my hands on the blighted bather, which was that year's limited edition model. Not only is this model very nice (I am a fan of scantily-clad females in hot tubs), but I frequently play the spawning vessel in games. Now I may use two distinct vessel models... I have a feeling that bathing females will be much more common than they were before!

My daughter Kitty really likes the fact that I have "sexy girl" in my army - even if she does not quite understand what that entails, yet. Having a girl in a tub is very funny.

Some older readers will remember this post from January of 2012 where I first unveiled my Legion. Below, I placed both of the models side by side for quick comparison. I think I will repaint the base to the white/ snowy grey to match the rest of the legion.

Now to move on to more Legion stuff...


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