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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

D100 OGL: Good news from Alephtar Games

Another big news I read on Realms of Chirak: Alephtar games lost their Chaosium license and will instead focus on creating their own D100 System called "Revolution100". I will admit that I am extremely intrigued by this and something I find great and will be paying close attention to.

Although I have no interest in changing Legacies to R100, I wish to leave the door open for a potential Saggakar d100 setting book. After 12 years of d20 play, a good d100 system would rock. And how it will be done will be a big factor in how I will support such a system. Note that I did not say "if".

Having seen their other material from them, I am very excited and look forward to more.

You can read the full announcement on their website.

I feel particularly close to this decision seeing how FOE recently had a similar parting of ways with LPJ Design. Business decision: sad but understandable on both sides. A parting of ways can be a big boost to both sides.

I know where some of my money is going this fall!


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