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Monday, September 7, 2015

Name the Wizards Contest: The Winners!

Wow a flurry of activity right at the end! I am really super-stoked about the amount of entries I received right at the end.

My rating criteria were: originality of the character, story potential (how inspiring they were for the creation of future material) and how well they could be integrated into Saggakar. The last two are quite related I know, but I tried to take them separately: for Saggakar and beyond it.

As I wait for the winner's final names (so as not to announce aliases), here are their winning entries (in alphabetical order).

Dagmar Wyrmkin

Dagmar became deeply fascinated with Necromantic magic after losing her long time companion to a wasting disease. She devoted most of her life to finding out how to create life without needing a partner. She became more and more reclusive as her power and knowledge grew.

Drax the Blue

Drax the Blue, anarchist sorcerer and revolutionary whose exploits to free the oppressed often ended disastrously, but those that he rescued idolized him. He oversaw the running of an underground network for escaped slaves and helped build hidden settlements for them. His beliefs and arrogance finally cost him his life in a magic duel with three slaver wizards but those Drax were escorting escaped while he fought and died. His freedom loving philosophy survives in the "little blue book" which are often found among the settlements he helped found.

Vlistra Zarmon

Locals call her "The Transmuter of Weapons." Vlistra Zarmon is a transmuter obsessed with improving weapons by adding other weapons to make the overall weapon deadlier than the two weapons alone. She thinks of herself as a visionary others think of her as off her rocker.

Congratulations and thanks to the many participants. You did not make my life easy that's for sure. Not only was this a fun exercise, it was also one of the more enlightening experience.


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