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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tyrants of Saggakar at Gencon

With Gencon ticket sales going on, I am extremely pleased to report that there are (right now) six tickets left for the Tyrants of Saggakar events (out of 36). Hurry up and secure your seat(s). There is also one adventure marked as "NeoExodus" that will be moved to Saggakar and the blurbs changed, however, those are not doing as well but there is still time.

From talks I've had with fans and players, both in person and through various instant messaging technologies, there is a lot of enthusiasm for the new Tyrants of Saggakar! It seems to have sparked character and plot ideas from GMs and players.

Which remind me that I need to finish the special - I have a few boxed texts to tighten and clean up. And come up with a few unique items for people...

This is an exciting time for FOE: revealing new iconics, revealing the setting, revealing the races, and coming up next: revealing the new rules for Legacies. Throughout this week, I plan to publish more things about the Legacies campaign and the Saggakar setting.


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