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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Top Five Monster NPCs from NeoExodus

Continuing this series on NPCs I liked... This time focusing on monsters and non-humanoids.

Chad, I know you are not patient and blasted my lists before you even read the "Non-Humanoid list". See if your "boy-toy" made this list...

Arem'shehr Sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, Arem'shehr was a villain that first appeared in A1 - Encounter at Ramat Bridge that plagued the world until 93-LI-03 Legacy of Lies where the PCs got their one chance at killing her. Of course, she did not let that happen and she managed to delay the PCs long enough for her ritual to complete. Throughout the end of the campaign, she remained quiet, most likely bidding his time.

Kago & Cerulia Kagodwama, the elder blue dragon who was chased out of Sametia by the Janus Horde, only to return and fight during the Crusade of 92 AU (in 92-LI-01 Opening Moves). He was a bigger player in my home campaign than in Legacies. His lone surviving child, the wyrmling Cerulia appeared in 93-LC-04 Phrenic Nightmares where she obtain healing and presents from submissive PCs. This pair had a lot of potential for development.

Shalzar of the Trogs This king of the troglodytes from 93-LC-01 In Sickness and in Health, was dying when he was last seen. Few PCs decided to end his misery, instead deciding to leave him to die, or try some minor healing on him. Exactly what happened to him remains a mystery. I had a few ideas, but nothing came out of it.

Spargl'Bargl This poor mentally-challenged choker made a use impact when he appeared in 94-LC-02 As if it could get any better. He did not want to kill the PCs but wanted them to get out of his domain. Silly PCs they decided to kill him. I think his name was the catchiest thing about him, and Spargl'Bargl said his name. A lot.

Harbinger Wexel This high-level priest of the Kaga served as a way for me to make sure the PCs understood that "something important is happening". From his first appearance in A5 - Battle of Trovaska, through the 2012 Free RPG Day adventure, through his fighting some type of buried cthonic entity in 93-LI-03 Opening Moves, I always saw any of his appearances, were akin to having Mordenkainen/ Tenser/ Rary appear. Things suddenly got REAL, and you had to pay attention. (No I don't consider an appearance by Elminster to have any significance.)


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