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Monday, June 22, 2015

My top Five favorite female NPCs from NeoExodus

With the NeoExodus Legacies coming to a final end, I decided to take some time to reflect on some of my favorite NPCs in the campaign. Because of their role and personalities, each of them made it really interesting to write them into a story. They immediately added a different element to a plot.

Here are my top five ladies, in no particular order.

Lady Maud Eland-Dubriden Often thought to be Lady Sofie's sister, Lady Maud was not as dedicated a Crusader that she would let her life pass her by. When offered an advantageous marriage, she accepted and left her native Empire for the Dominion. Moving south, she became a sorceress of limited power. It was so funny to see the faces of those who had never met her when she used her one magic missile... Hilarious! Her marriage was one that seemed quite good as she and her arranged husband, Sheik Arjouf, did have a strong liking to each other.

Nathasha Ilyanova The ice queen of the Protectorate, Captain Ilyanova had a knack for appearing whenever the PCs had to deal with the Protectorate's military. She appeared in the very first adventure, at Ramat Bridge, and she appeared in the very last adventure where she was in command of an outpost from where assaults on the town of Gytha were about to launch. I always imagined her as Sorcha from WarMachine.

I really wanted her to grow as a character and get to do more, becoming someone who would do more than give missions. However, I had not found a niche I wanted her to explore yet, so this project fell flat.

Oh Well!

Shafell A character from my last home campaign in Colorado. She was an overzealous daughter who was willing to help the PCs if the freed her. This is, she managed to have the PCs do her bidding, even after they learned that she had been manipulating them AND that she was responsible for their predicament. Of course, by then she was offering them money and adventure leads... Bah it was all worth it!

Shafell appeared as a matron in 93-LC-03 Sugar and Spice making a valid legal claim for her sister Varhoona (who is also on this list). She lost her claim, the players not deeming her worthy of raising her sister.

Lady Sofie Braulen Lady Sofie first played in our first multi-table interactive at Genghis Con 2012. Lady Sofie was, as I described her to D'Anne, "imagine Paris Hilton going out on a military campaign". And well she did fit the bill very well as MANY people hated her. Players even thought her to "get in fireball formation", but not explaining what it was. So for a long time, she kept telling the PCs to get in fireball formation, something which the PCs found both iconic of her, and greatly annoying. As we moved into 93-LC-04 Phrenic Nightmares, the young lady of the year before was replaced by a veteran campaigner, her character changed slowly, providing story potential with each new adventure.

Varhoona The creepy little ginger girl who was the focus of 93-LC-03 Sugar and Spice has a strange history, she bears the name of a man who is not her father. However, her father is a succubus, or has a strong succubus heritage - it was never expanded in the campaign. Her ability to cause strife and chaos was just unmatched, and the players fell for her hook, line and sinker. EVERY TIME. Maybe it is true that little girls are made of sugar and spice...

What about you? Which female NPC do you best remember of the campaign? Why?


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