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Friday, June 19, 2015

My Top Five Male NPCs from NeoExodus

With the NeoExodus Legacies coming to a final end, I decided to take some time to reflect on some of my favorite NPCs in the campaign. Because of their role and personalities, each of them made it really interesting to write them into a story. They immediately added a different element to a plot.

Here are my top five men, in no particular order.

"Bloody" Bartak first written in Linda's awesome "A Rose by any name", Bartak's fate was decided by cruel adventurers who all believed that love wasn't worth the same as cold, hard, cash. Bartak next appear later, this time in Trovaska where he tried to rebuild his life as the owner of an inn, The Nasian Queen. He would spend many hours staring at the portrait of his lady love. In their final appearance, he and his love were sitting together in his inn.

Prince Dimitri Ulanov This Sametian prince was the head of the Protectorate campaign against the town of Gytha. His family history was filled with elements that made him not-as-clean as he appeared. This cavalry officer was a dashing man who might have become a suitable suitor for the Tsarina or her sister.

Academician Meller This character, straight out of 92-LC-01 Bloody Ice was one that I didn't particularly care for early on. He was an over-dedicated academic out of his element. He became a character that I cherished after my friend Lenny's character, who was also a Professor (with low Charisma) played a scene in which the two nerds talked together in academic-ese for hours.

Ulf Adarsson From his first appearance in 92-LC-02 Shattered Peace, Ulf has been a favorite of mine. A natural werewolf, he was the one who started infecting the poor populace with what he, at first, called the "blessing of the Dragon". However, when, under the advice of Arem'shehr, the Warrior-Queen saw the potential of a mass-produced lycanthrope army, he was forced to share his blessing. This turned the werewolf against the Queen and made him something of a rebel. PCs dealt with him quite a few times, usually in a non-violent fashion. Last he appeared at the Lexicon interactive, he did not engage his own forces in a conflict he saw as lost. Ulf's opposition to the queen, but rabid dedication to the Dragon made him a dangerous, but useful ally.

Prince Vladimir Gregorevich A short-lived character, I always imagined Prince Vladimir, consort to Tsarina Anayanka to be a character played by Brian Blessed in a movie. He was tall, proud and loud, a true old-style Russian. His demise in the underground ruined city of Dinith Soohn was a shock to me. I thought more people would try and save him. To his credit, only one brave woman, a levelled-up Freja played by Neale-D soloed the scythians and First Ones assassins I had sent against the fighter/ranger that he was. Of all the groups that dared enter the buried city, Neale/Freja was the only one who succeeded in his mission.

What about you? Which male NPC do you best remember of the campaign? Why?


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